The Logo Stories: Episode 2 – Apple

Hello there again! We’re back with another episode of The Logo Stories. This time, we wanted to talk about another tech brand which we love, and do have some significance impact with the brand we talked about last week.

If you missed the last post, check it out now:

So, getting back to this week’s episode of, The Logo Stories, Apple Inc.

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The Logo Stories: Episode 1 – Microsoft

So, we promised you guys something. Remember this post on our Facebook page?

Hey people! Look around, you’ll see logos all around you. Maybe you’re drinking a Coke, playing a game with your favorite car, a Lamborghini, or the screen you’re reading this post on, the brands and their logos. Have you ever wondered what their origins are?

Well, we though of giving you a little story of how and the pictures behind the logos you know and learned to love.

Sounds good? Yeah? Cool! We’ll try to post at least one good story per month. And you can always post what you know on our wall, or you can inbox us the stories you know as well.

A logo is an expression. It’s art. And emotions.“

So, we’re keeping our promise. Here the 1st episode of, The Logo Stories!

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